Valerie Sigamani

Hey there! I'm Valerie, a speaker, mentor, humanitarian, and creative. I love to help people on their spiritual journeys as well as educate on ethics and international development practices. I've worked for non-profits like Bethany Christian Services and Preemptive Love Coalition. I believe my calling is to use my skills and education to serve the underserved. I am a certified project manager, have obtained my Masters in Community and International Development, and hold my bachelor's in Theology. I am also happily leading Wild Faith Co, a female discipleship ministry. Feel free to reach out to me for any contract services, speaking engagements, or if you are looking for advice/mentorship. Thanks for visiting my website!

What it’s like to get content styling for your business

June 24, 2019


Central Florida

Recently I worked with Kim Rose Dietitian to help rebrand her nutrition and dietetics company. It was an amazing experience and I asked Kim if I could share some of the experience with you and she was DOWN!

  1. The Consultation:
    When Kim came to me she was in the initial process of re-branding her business and she asked me if we could talk through the visual aspects of how she presents herself so I told her YES! I would love to do that! During the consultation we talked about some brands that inspired her and how we could style her visual content to really stand out.
  2. So we decided on:
    • Colors
    • Outfits
    • Props
    • Location
    • Scenes
  3. Once we finished the planning I went shopping with Kim to find some new outfits, she tried on the clothes we said YAY for some and NAY for others. Not just that though, I also went shopping for Kims props, FOOD! As a nutritionist, it only makes sense to include food in your photos since that’s where most of your nutrition comes from!
  4. The entire shoot was filled with outfit changes, scene changes, appliances, and furniture changes. It’s a jam-packed 3-4 hours! And in the end, we were able to get shots like this.