Jamila & Joseph


So how did you two meet?

Joseph: we first saw each other at the end of the summer. After an awkward introduction we just kept bumming into each other at musical events. 

Jamila: yes, from a seated and studious position I stretched out my hand from across hedge medium inviting Joseph to make my acquaintance. 


So what attracted you two to each other? 

Joseph: Obviously Jamila is a very beautiful and elegant woman. Something that really attracted me to her was her sense of humor and her positive outlook. One thing I've truly come to appreciate about Jamila is that she is a brat for the Lord - which means everything is done in prayer and faith with great expectancy from the Lord. 

Jamila: Besides the fact that Joseph is absolutely deliciously "really really ridiculously good looking." He is also an exceptional individual, truly wise, God fearing and also an undercover comedian. These things he quietly wears on his sleeve with subtle gentlemanliness and grace. It just so happen that I noticed them in him while I was noticing he was noticing me lol. 

What is unique about your relationship? 

Joseph: we are so in sync and everything that we do whether it is eating something, or feeling the need to praying over something... sometimes it feels like I have a twin.

Jamila: I find that we are both so very serious and yet so very silly and we make no apologies for it. 


Do you have any advice for couples? 

Joseph: make sure a Christ at the center first. After that look for someone you can laugh with, that you can be your true self with - your partner should be your best friend. This also means that the lines of communication should be open and honest, which does not always translate into convenient or easy.

Jamila: I definitely agree, the first thing anyone should look for is whether or not the individual that we are pursuing or want to be a part of the live is going to help them draw nearer to Jesus Christ and will support in this heaven bound journey. After that it's really important that you pick someone that has the same values as you do. Four instance cleanliness, health, family oriented, hobbies or sports, etc... some of these things couples can grow in together, others are personality traits that won't change. I think it is also really important to pick someone that is willing to teach and be taught. Your partner should be willing to grow in all areas of life. 

What has been a victory in your relationship?

Both: A huge victory would the development for strong lines of communication. It has allowed us to keep things from piling up or getting swept under the rug.



What made Joseph decide to go to Cuba?

Joseph: I applied to go to Cuba on a whim. Being selected to go was totally unexpected. Upon discovering I was selected I felt like the person least qualified in the Seminary to go. But I believe that God doesn't make mistakes with whom He chooses. And I am excited and curious to know why He called me to Cuba.

How has that decision affected your relationship? 

Joseph: Honestly I would say it really hasn't affected us negatively. I would say it has forced us to communicate all the more clearly. 

Jamila: It is simply looked upon as a new and exciting adventure! An adventure that has scary unknowns but definitely some awe inspiring expectations. I truly feel like this experience will grow and stretch us in ways that only God can foresee - but I am thrilled by the notion of growth and development under His banner.


So it’s not really letting him go so much as it is us going off for training. We will return to each other faster, stronger, wiser, more steadfast, intentional, more purposeful
— Jamila Sylvester


Jamila: To be completely honest The Holy Spirit let me know upon Joseph's announcement of application that he would be leaving. I felt as if The Holy Spirit was saying, "get it all out now, all of your crying, pouting, and fighting against it... Joseph is going." So I have had a while to come to terms with it. Besides, I truly believe that this experience is Gods way of focusing each of us individually on Him. This is God molding and shaping Joseph to be the man He has call him to be and me into the woman He has called me to be.  So it's not really letting him go so much as it is us going off for training. We will return to each other faster, stronger, wiser, more steadfast, intentional, more purposeful, and so many other wonderful possibilities! I'm not letting anyone go, we are both   simply being sent out for modification upgrades. 


Go ahead and talk about Jesus too and how he's been interacting with your relationship and decisions. 

Christ has been the foundation of our relationship. 

Joseph: we started getting to know each other through Bible studies.

Jamila: we actually started spending more time together by meeting for daily midday prayer n the Buller Hall chapel. 

Joseph: I look forward to prayer time and seeing Jamila every day.

Jamila: I began to see Joseph as more than a friend but as an individual I could grow spiritually with... Because of that I grew in fondness and adoration towards him. 

Joseph: we utilize the power of prayer in every decision that we make. Through Bible Study in prayer we find most of the answers to the questions that we are looking for.

Jamila: I have found that with Bible study and prayer together we move and think in sync with one another - often times without having to verbalize exactly what we know the Holy Spirit is moving us to do. It makes decision making so pleasant and easy.