Oahu Hawaii Engagement with Isaias and Crysta


We met in Bible Study Class as we were preparing for baptism.


I (Crysta) was afraid of being in a relationship because I didn’t have a good example growing up. So I struggled with the idea of relationships and marriage, I didn’t know if I wanted to spend my life with someone in that way.


But Isaias and I quickly became best friends, I felt that I could be open and honest with him.


So I prayed about it one night, I said “ok God, I trust you. I will spend my life with you and with whomever you choose for me. But I need to know now. Please tell me who it is!”

I kept seeing Isaias in my mind. Our friendship. It was then that I let God teach me how to love and to be loved. He used Isaias to show me that love was real. That commitment and marriage was just friendship on fire.

Throughout this whole process, Isaias has been incredibly patient. He accepted me as guarded as I was, and stood by my side waiting for me until I felt I was ready.

God showed me that commitment and marriage was just friendship on fire
— Crysta Alcantar (Yin)