What is it like to get branding done for your business?


Recently I worked with Kim Rose Dietitian to help rebrand her nutrition and dietetics company. It was an amazing experience and I asked Kim if I could share some of the experience with you and she was DOWN!

  1. The Consultation:
    When Kim came to me she was in the initial process of re-branding her business and she asked me if we could talk through the visual aspects of how she presents herself so I told her YES! I would love to do that! During the consultation we talked about some brands that inspired her and how we could style her visual content to really stand out.

  2. So we decided on:

    1. Colors

    2. Outfits

    3. Props

    4. Location

    5. Scenes

  3. Once we finished the planning I went shopping with Kim to find some new outfits, she tried on the clothes we said YAY for some and NAY for others. Not just that though, I also went shopping for Kims props, FOOD! As a nutritionist it only makes sense to include food in your photos since thats where most of your nutrition comes from!

4. The entire shoot was fulled with outfit changes, scene changes, appliances and furniture changes. Its a jam packed 3-4 hours! And in the end we were able to get shots like this.

I asked Kim a few questions about her business and why she decided to re-brand her business.

What gave you the desire to start your own business?

  • To start, for the nutrition consultations I was challenged by a provider in my community to provide food and nutrition consultations for his patients. The provider stated that her patients were having a hard time getting an appointment scheduled with me through the hospital. For this reason, I decided to cut out the middle man and start my LLC.

  • The idea for my educational resources actually came from YouTube. For a while I was creating videos specifically for dietetic interns on all the topics I formally struggled with. After receiving emails from students and educators I decided to create a set of educational resources to address one of the most complex areas in the field. In short I started selling these videos and decided to bring this under my LLC as well.

  • So today I provide nutrition consultation and coaching services for clients and I also provide educational resources for dietetic interns, students, and educators!

What gets you excited about working with your clients or selling your products?

  • Knowing that I am providing a service that is not saturated in the market motivates me. It motivates me to continue to polish my brand to provide unique services and products not only for the community, but on the internet.

Why was visual branding important to you? And what elements of branding did you use in order to relaunch your business?

  • Visual branding allows my clients to be able to identify me without actually seeing my face or hearing my voice. Recently I rebranded my virtual presence and the most important aspect of my rebranding was my logo. I wanted something clean, clear, mature, and crisp. Other elements I used to rebrand including honing in on my target audience, consolidating music in my YouTube video, synchronizing profile pictures on all social media platforms, and a renewed emphasis on brand voicing by letting my community know my philosophy. My web designer who is also my graphic designer helped me with all these aspects.

Who helped you with that?
Jess Creatives!
https://www.jesscreatives.com/ IG: Jess Creatives

Why should other entrepreneurs consider leveling up their visual content across their website and other media platforms?

  • One word: Professionalism. We’re all judged by first impressions, especially on the internet. What message are you giving to those who may come across your platform? Wouldn’t you want it to resonate with “ this woman knows what she’s doing!” As the old saying goes : first impressions are lasting impressions. Protecting your visual content is important to ensuring your attracting clients and creating a professional atmosphere.

Check out Kim’s Website at https://www.kimrosedietitian.com/